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For the purchase of air guns and crossbows, a clearly legible copy of a valid identity document (ID card, driver's license or passport) must be sent by Email to: to check the age of the buyer.
On the basis of legal regulations, shipping to buyers WITHIN The Netherlands will not take place before the said copy has been received.
In the event that the required copy is not received within a reasonable period of 2 weeks after payment, the purchase amount will be refunded - after a one-time reminder - with deduction of 20% for costs incurred.

The same conditions apply to the purchase of airsoft devices. In addition, a copy of your valid NABV membership card must be included.

For the transfer of (firearms) weapons of cat. III and / or ammunition for this, the strict rules must be followed.
By ordering and (paying) a firearm or ammunition, the buyer is expected to ensure that the procedure for the transfer of weapons and / or ammunition subject to leave of absence, which has been checked by the KCT Department of the National Police, is completed as quickly as possible.
This procedure includes sending us a proof of reservation with serial number and typing of the purchased weapon; your way to the shooting club for approval and a stamped WM3 form; your going to the Police Department of the Police to apply for the leave; ditto for collecting leave to obtain (WM2) and adding to your leave (WM4); your arrival at our location, handing in the WM2 and showing WM4 and registration of your valid ID proof.
By ordering and (paying) a weapon and / or ammunition subject to leave, you declare to complete the procedure in the shortest possible time. In the event that the date stated on the reservation form expires before the procedure has ended, or the procedure is rejected by the KCT department, repayment of the sum paid will be made less 50% for costs and efforts made by us.

In case of export, we charge a fee for administrative effort (i.e. application of consent, etc.) of € 125,00