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Brand: KSS
In case you want to have your gun pimped, we need first to make a design of the logo, drawing, etc. and program the machine accordingly. Martijn Bekema is our man, who combines creativeness  with know-how about the possibilties and impossibilities of the machines and materials.We charge fo..
Ex Tax:€17.36
Brand: KSS
We carefully selected this clone of a Weiraugh model 97 for its quality and accuracy. With gas strut, which makes this powerfull (approx. 30 J) air rifle shoot quietly and accurately. ..
Ex Tax:€136.36
Brand: KSS
Repairs of air guns, not sold by us or sold by us as used air gun, can be done for a general tariff of €11,00 per 10 minutes...
Ex Tax:€9.09
Brand: KSS
We have a very extensive and professional set of machinery for building our own brand of long distance high-end air- and fire arms.Including a  very accurate manual lathe to high-end CNC lathe and milling machines; various lasers, including fiber lasers, YAG laser, flatbed CO2 laser; including ..
Ex Tax:€8.26
Smartphone adapter
Brand: KSS
To connect the camera of your smartphone to the eyepiece of your rifle scope. ..
Ex Tax:€57.02
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