Did you know that in Lelystad "behind the shop" we have a spacious and exceptionally well-equipped workshop with modern CNC lathes and milling machines and have manufactured our Greate Pier there. And now working on the production of the PTE 300, a very special and accurate shooting air rifle for solids in the lovely calibers .308  and .22LR. 

Because we are going to expand our activities to the development and manufacture of custom-made prototypes, we have recently given a new push to the collaboration between Kurvers Schietsport and ProtoTecEngineering (PTE) and Precision Target Equipement (PTE too): the general partnership PTE / Kurvers Schietsport VoF. .

The name Kurvers Schietsport will continue to exist for a while, due to the RFA dealer license  on this name.