We are since the very beginning and "version 1" importer / distributor of this very special semi-automatic "hammerless" PCP rifle. And now there are also the Huben solids in 33 grs.

With its unique combination of an externally adjustable pressure regulator and also an externally adjustable valve open time adjustment button (we cannot make it any longer).

With this, the user can literally set these 19 Scottish buks in a jiffy from a whisper-quiet "living room buks" of 7 Joule to a small-caliber-powerful power buks of 100 Joule.

Now I have just received a big load of version 4 and it is almost sold out again.

Yes, the next load has already been ordered. But the factory has a bit of trouble with the worldwide increasing demand for these buks. So if the current stock runs out, we expect some waiting time.