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Firearm Maintenance

Firearm Maintenance
Firearm Maintenance
Brand: Overig
Om snel even de loop te reinigen. Met ingeweven bronzen borstel. Wordt gebruikt in combinatie met een loopreinigingsmiddel of een goede wapenolie ..
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Brand: TCP
CPL CeraFlon has been designed for Law Enforcement use, while also meeting the needs of users for sports purposes.It was designed in 2016 to meet a specific request for use on certain firearms to be used under extremely critical conditions:climatic temperatures between -40°C and +50°C..
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Brand: TCP
TCP XCU.1 Ceraflon Duratorque 30mlXCU an acronym that, in a short period of time, in the field of sports firearms has become synonymous with powerful lubrication!XCU is not oil and is not grease, CERAFLON is CERAFLON!• Friction Reduction: In the presence of desert or sea sand, of..
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XBC wordt beschouwd als het beste systeem om getrokken lopen te reinigen. Het systeem bestaat uit twee componenten:1. De reiniger op,basis van ammonia dat enerzijds lood, koper en tombak afzettingen verwijdert en anderzijds de trekken grondig ontdoet van kool-aanslag. 2. Een bescherming zo..
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Brand: TCP
XTREME GUN CLEANER - Very powerful firearms degreaser cleaner, and ideal for dealing with the most stubborn dirt!Designed to instantly remove unburnt gunpowder residues and residues after pulling the triggers.There is no dirt that can defy XGC.Unlike many "metal cleaners", XGC do..
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Brand: TCP
XTREME NO RUST - Protective, penetrating, waterproofing!XNR literally penetrates the finishings, protecting them against corrosion and above all, given the formulation, manages to protect the firearm over time, even in the presence of extreme humidity levels.Ideal for all finishings on fir..
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