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PTE 300

PTE 300
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  • Model: PTE 220 Compact
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This is our own product!

The main difference with the Long version: the stock is shorter. Usually the barrel length is chosen to be shorter too.

This shortens the lock time; the rifle shoots "easier".

Trigger, barrel blank and stock are topclass products from top class manufacturers. The rest of the rifle is made by ourselves in our own shop. 

Cal. : .22; unchoked

Preferred slug:  RWS copper platred.

Preferred external regulator setting:  220 - 240 bar

Energy: ca. 150J

Single shot tray.

Accuracy at 100 meter:  20mm  (group of 5)

Barrel:  stainless steel Krieger, custom specified; length: >66cm; free-floating

Air tank: 400 cc; Titanium; max fill pressure 300+ bar; test pressure:  600+ bar; peak pressure:  much higher; Minimess link

Hammer housing: Stainless steel

Hammer: special self-lubing alloy; 3x roll-bearings; Trigger: 

Trigger: Bix 'n Andy match; 2 stage with PTE -intersear

Trigger pressure: adjustable from 20-20 to 300-500 gram

Breach block, front and back caps and valve body made from Al7075; hard anodized

Stock: custom specified; made by Wood2Stock in coloured laminate

Bedding: bedding block; air tank is free floating in the stock.


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For the purchase of air rifles and air pistols there is no need for an export license from the Dutch regulations.  By mere ordering and paying for  the purchase and shipment of any air gun, the  buyer is supposed to fulfill  all legal requirements (if any)  for importing such an air gun into his country.  According to Dutch legislation, our (seller's)  legal responsibility for any exported air gun ends with passing  the Dutch border.  According to international legislation and most if not all national legislations, buyer is responsible for the air gun from the moment it passes the national border of his country.

For the purchase of any fire arm as described in the Dutch legal regulations, the procedures as laid down in international as well as national legislations will STRICTLY be followed.
Buyer is supposed, by mere ordering and paying in advance, to agree to follow in the shortest  period possible the procedure as foreseen in his country. KSS is by accepting the order and the payment bound to follow the procedure as stipulated in Dutch regulations.
The procedure is as follows: KSS sends the serial number and further data of the weapon as ordered by E-mail to the buyer. Buyer applies at his national authorities for an import permit/consent and sends a copy of this consent as well as a copy of  a valid proof of Identity as soon as possible to KSS applies for an export permit and an export consent, based on the data as provided by the buyer and addressed to the CDIU (Dutch central customs). As soon as the permit and consent arrive, KSS will start shipment procedure; copies of the permit and consent will be send to the buyer as well as packed with the shipped weapon.
Note: Fire arms can not be collected in our shop in Lelystad; they only will be send to the buyer's address as stated in his  import consent. Postboxes etc. will not be an acceptable address of destination.
Note. In case the buyer can not or will not end the procedure above, the transaction will be cancelled and 50% of the paid amount will be refunded.
Note 2. In case KSS can not fulfill  its part of the procedure for which it is responsible  (e.g. refusal of export permit), the transaction will be cancelled and 100% of the paid amount will be refunded.   

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